Welcome to 1 Broke Actress, I am Sam Valentine, and this is my broke actress life. From auditions and agents to side jobs and sweat pants. It’s all here and probably the realist thing you’ll find this side of Beverly Hills. 

Here is everything I know:

Looking for some realistic acting info? Everything from co-star/guest star audition tips, how print agents work, what presents to buy for your agents…wait how the actual f*ck do you get an agent?!
This can all be found in this category.


⇒Real Stuff⇐
From time to time I have some legit life sh*t to work out, and I know you do to. So here is where you will find posts about money, time, relationships, and making it all work while still being on call for an Arby’s commercial.
Because actors are people too…kinda.


⇒Skin Deep⇐
In this crazy world we have such little control over and where physicality is unfortunately a freaking lot of the battle, here is where I will you give you some things I have learned to help with what we can control, like skin, hair, nails, work outs, fitness…all that blog-y stuff.
Because someone told me once I “have a great look”…ugh.

⇒Always Hungry⇐ 
Food and recipes because contrary to popular belief, you do actually have to eat. Chow down and avoid the adderall addiction later in life with some fun stuff here.
You’ll thank me later, now let’s have some chocolate.



⇒Podcast Inspired⇐
Some pretty awesome sh*t comes from the awesome people on the podcast. From tips and tricks of the trade to legitimate life advice on surviving and maybe eventually kinda thriving.
I am not your guru…but these people might be.



Now get outta here and go learn some sh*t.