WTF is this?


I’m so glad you asked! This site is a bunch of my opinions.  Am I the all-knowing being in Hollywood who has booked a billion jobs and made big bucks with acting so therefore I know how to advise people and lead like the Gandhi of Southern California? Negative. But I feel there is a lack of honest writing from actors who are in the thick of it. This career path is crazy AF but that doesn’t mean you have to be. So let’s get real and maybe learn a life lesson or two in the process.

Please shoot me any questions or constructive comments you have, I am always looking for new discussion topics.
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Sam is an actress based in LA from all over the midwest. She created1 Broke Actress to kill some free time…and also to help other people in this creative cluster-f*ck of a world feel a little less unstable and alone. 

 Sam Valentine

Actor, Creator, Dog Mom, Peanut Butter Connoisseur