Why you need to do a fall closet cleaning

This is not an Eminem song or a metaphor.

I legit cleaned my closet and feel like a million bucks.

Listen…cleaning sucks.
I think closet cleaning sucks the most for actors because getting rid of any clothing feels like we’re casually throwing away potential audition wardrobe pieces.

It’s true, so many times I’ve tossed an old work apron or black cocktail dress only to get a commercial audition for a fancy bartender or waitress the next week.

But cleaning out space is just so damn awesome. I’m always concerned I’m going to have NOTHING left after I donate bags from the dresser…and yet I always find clothes I forgot or lost in the mix! Or just have an easier damn time finding that one top that always gets smashed between hangers thus making me less of a bitch when I’m [always] rushing to get dressed.

Aka- it’s a massive stress reliever.

Here are my tips for cleaning out the responsible-actor way:

  • Take all the clothes you wear to auditions, this may be a lot or a little, and put them in a side corner as to not be confused with the other stuff.
  • Make a list of your audition types and potential standard commercial types you would go out for. For example: I think everyone should have a sports jersey of some kind, a red and blue polo shirt, a white collared shirt, etc. Pull these and add them to your audition corner.
    Make a massive on-bed pile of anything you haven’t worn in over a year (obviously in LA this may include your ski jacket, understood that that one stays).
  • Add to this pile any top or bottom you have that always looks like a good idea but you regret it an hour after putting it on. Maybe is doesn’t fit anymore, maybe the fabric is stained, whatever. You don’t like yourself in it so give it to someone else.
  • Now scan over what’s left. Find any outliers you legit don’t need (4 plain white shirts and one of them you don’t like as much? TOSS).
    Now stuff that shit in a bag and take it to Crossroads or donate it OR do what my good friends do and host a once a season clothing swap. 1/2 my wardrobe is from the swaps and I get to see my items go to a good home (the leftovers from swap are always donated).
  • This is also a great time to reorganize your remaining items. I roll my workout clothes for example so when I glance in a drawer I can see them all at once.

    And welcome to your new closet!  So much more to enjoy…and free hangers to refill with future newbies.

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