Some stuff I like {October}

Halloween is officially tomorrow and the true Halloween parties were over the past weekend, leaving us smack dab in what is (fucking finally) fall. And real fall. Like, I wore a sweater today fall.

We have ARRIVED!

If you live in LA you’ve lasted through the heat-wave that was everyone else’s Pumpkin Spice season opener. So I think we WELL deserve some treats! So enjoy this October edition of things you need or want or didn’t know you needed or wanted!

PS: I asked the 1 Broke Actress IG followers what they wanted to see this month, so we have a recipe, a book, and some extras! Follow me there to make yourself heard people!!!

Freezer Fudge
​​ I have never been a huge chocolate person (gasp from every woman reading this) but I recently realized this is because I don’t like processed classic sugar candy types of chocolate  (most of the things you buy at a 7-11). They hurt my overly-brushed sensitive teeth. REAL chocolate however, that’s the best! And I love it the most because you literally can’t eat a ton of it. It’s just too rich!

I got the original recipe for this from Kelly Leveque’s book “Body Love”, you may recognize it from a past list actually.

It is a constant in my life currently as I am trying to nix late night eating. One square of this is delicious, made of almost 100% good fats, and keeps me satiated and full.

I’ll Have What She’s Having
Why is no one talking about this book?! It is so damn funny. I listened to the audio version and it was read by the author like a dream.

Rebecca Harrington takes us all through a not typical celebrity diet repertoire. The author has tested the tried and true diets of celebs from Goop’s own Gwyneth to Elizabeth Taylor. And no, it’s not what you think. There is no step by step diet guidelines or meal plans to follow, but rather we follow along as the author keeps notes on her various diets. It’s like Bridget Jone’s diary was about pasta and raw eggs.

It’s a super fast listen [read] and will have you laughing at the idiocracy that is Hollywood diets.

These Cheap Sunglasses

I bought these on a whim as a throw-away [read: I’ll probably break them on vacation] to toss in my travel bag. Cut to a few months after our trip and I wear them daily.
They were super cheap ($17?!?) and have withstood my yoga bag/dog walking/giant purse/kids sitting on them/and a whole lot more. I am quite impressed. Also, aviators are a hard fit for me with a giant head, some work great and others are way too wide or too small of lenses. These unisex one’s are great for the price. I may buy another pair actually….

The Reminders App

If you are not utilizing this free app that is already on your iPhone I don’t know what you’re doing.

I do massive brain-dumps every day of all the ideas and things I need to do and send and call and cook and schedule. I don’t know if I could live without it. I prefer to have lots of separate lists, color-coded (with emoji’s because, duh!). And I keep it on my home screen so I can click it open in a second.

The lists have a “remind me when” option too that is KEY and here is why: you can put in the place you need a reminder of this. For example, I always forget to buy things at Target….mostly because Target is heaven and I get lost in plans of decorating the white marble kitchen I don’t have….but I digress. Say I need bandaids. I add that to my list and click it to remind me when I am at Target (it will find the address with your GPS and punch it in automatically). And when I am face-deep in the $3 isle, I will get a ping to go buy bandaids. LIFE chang

ing. And did I mention it’s a free app you already have? Ok. Good.

That’s all for today folks! Be sure to keep your eyes here and here for more fun soon!

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