An Open Letter To Harvey Weinstein

Dear Mr. Weinstein,
Hi. Let me introduce myself. I was your future victim.
I am a working actress in Hollywood with a career in front of her and a lot to prove. I have worked with people whom I did not like and shown a brave face in times of adversity. I have been harassed. I have been inappropriately asked on dates by my superiors. And I have dealt with all of this so knowing that one day the power would be in my hands. Or so I have been told.
Because of these reports and the backlash of them, I am not afraid of this as a “stain” on my career. Truly…I don’t give a fuck. But I can only stand here now saying this because people are finally talking out loud about you instead of behind closed doors and close minded souls.
It is not my job to review the facts of your actions. Anyway, by now everyone knows.
But what truly concerns me is who has known this whole time. And why it is now that these strong women are finally coming out about you. I want so badly to thank each and every one of them. And at the same time I want to condemn all those who stood by and watched as a literal parade of women were unabashedly thrown to the wolves (you being the wolf in question).  These women who have already chosen to work in a world that is not only misogynistic and cut throat, but it ridiculously untamed and unruly.
Was it fun for you to harass these women for your enjoyment? Was it entirely this “problem” which you have chosen to lean on for obvious court/lawyer reasons?
I think not.
I think you are weak. I think you built power in an industry run by fear and used it to fuel your own motives because you could. And I strongly believe you are a shadow of a man who was so drawn by the glamour and allure of those around you, of which you did not possess, that you used whatever ways you could to coerce and make advances. You compensated like a bully in a schoolyard for that which was not and will never be yours.
You sir have become the sleazy stereotype that is so closely associated with the Hollywood big leagues.
You are my father’s worst nightmare.
As a working actor, the chances of us crossing paths was so very slim. And I’d like to think that if I had been in these women’s shoes that I could have stood my ground. But the weight of the ever-so-thin women’s shoulders in Hollywood is heavy and we often bear it alone in too many ways. So I don’t know.
For those you did wrong (and I strongly believe the list is much longer than we know or will know) I am sorry. I am so sorry.
And I’m sure you will be too, in court and on television reports of course. I’m sure you’re “very sorry” for the cameras. But I won’t forget this. This “casting couch” that was some how consistently recreated in multiple hotels across LA and otherwise. I won’t.
What will you do now that your hand has been shown? It’s lonely at the top and I sincerly hope even lonelier in the long fall down.
– Sam Valentine
(aka 1 Broke Actress)

Actors can always call 844-Safer-Set (union or otherwise) they are there to help in ANY situation where you are not comfortable. No, you’re not being dramatic and NO you should not be embarrassed. If you don’t feel comfortable with a meeting or situation, always bring a friend or rep with you. You are not alone. I am here for you too. We rise together.

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