Some stuff I like {April}

I move through fashion/fitness/nutrition/life trends faster than Kylie moves through lip kits.

(I still want one by the way if you can send me one that would be great thanks.)

Honestly though, one week I will be all about my bulletproof coffee and the next I will be doing apple cider vinegar shots first thing in the morning followed by meditation. Let’s all stop pretending we have a life long routine established in our 20s-30s.

I am always weary to write about what I love or do “daily” since that changes so freaking much.

So instead I am going to do a monthly addition of this. Some stuff I will of course love year round. But I’ll give you new fun things each time regardless. Kinda like the tip of the week…if I had the bandwidth and mental clarity to post this every week instead of at the end of the month.

Happy end of April! (Holy fuck it’s basically May what happened where did time go why does this always happen every year?!)

Aztec Mud + Apple Cider Vinegar Face Mask​
I have to give the props for this one to my good friend and NYC blogger Ashli. While out to dinner a few weeks ago she brought it up and purchased it for me on the spot.

Basically you use a spoon full of it and add apple cider vinegar (or water) and make it into a goop. Then you apply that to your face and let it do it’s magic.

It honestly does pulsate. It is so odd. And it gets really hard if you leave it on for more than 10-15min.

But I swear when I take it off my skin is tighter and brighter. It feels like an at-home chemical peel…without the chemical part.

Also it’s ridiculously cheap and I think there is enough in the tub to last me till age 50. I love a deal.

My Ice Roller
​I had a shoot this past week that had me up at 5:45am…I may have gone out for “one drink” the night before and it turned into 3 + pizza. Hey life happens ok!

But after 6 hours of sleep (which I am aware is what a lot of people live on, I however am a 8-9 kinda gal) I looked like the Jet-Puff marshmallow man. So I rolled this fella over my face for 5ish min and you could legit see the difference.

It really gets the blood moving in your face too and helps wake you up. Secret: even my boyfriend has used and enjoyed this thing.

This is also ridiculous cheap.

​​When I started this blog I did not realize how little day time I have to work on things. Shocker….this is a lot of work.

So night time has been a good time for me to get some shit done. I know many of you relate. I also know that blue light from computers will probably be the eventual death of our generation.

Oh also it keeps you up and prevents sleep.  Like I said…I love my 8-9 hours.

Insert f.lux here. This FREE (thats right, FREE) program is downloadable onto your computer and syncs to your zip code. From there it detects when the sun is setting (and also rising but I sure as shit am not around for that) and it slowly removes the blue light as you work. So you hardly notice it. The screen looks a little red/pink but it’s a life saver.

And did I mention FREE?! Highly recommended.

Many Lives Many Masters
Apparently I am the last one to read this book but whatever. It was the latest selection of a Book Club I am in (you should be in one too, they are highly entertaining and push you out of your comfort zones).

This is not everyone’s cup of tea as it deals with past lives and reincarnation told via the story of a young woman undergoing hypnosis in therapy sessions.

Little off topic, eh?

It is actually amazing and comforting and fascinating at the same time. As a creative person I think it’s also important to have your eyes open to this kind of thing…and at the very least, it will make some dumb shit that happened in your day to day life seem blissfully unimportant.

Hot Yoga/Pilates Bootcamp classes
Yes I am aware how #basic this sounds. But my current fitness obsession is hot classes at Set and Flow Yoga.

They have legit everything here, from regular yoga and pilates to full on bootcamp and TRX classes. In the span of 3 weeks I never took the same class twice. Not to mention I signed up for their latest deal with was 3 months for $175 total. A STEAL at any LA gym.

I am aware this is an area-specific choice, however I know Hot Yoga is pretty much everywhere now and pilates isn’t far behind.

The combo of kettle-bells and weights with yoga is exactly what I need right now. And the sweat session has proven really beneficial for my skin and my body’s water retention. Not so great for my hair but maybe next month I’ll put a dry shampoo on the list…

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