Leftovers Anonymous: Roasted Pepper Tapenade

I hate more than anything when a blog or website junks up paragraphs and paragraphs on a recipe page before giving you the damn recipe.

You may have seen this in the first installment of” Recipes you only need to read once”.

Like does anyone read that? We want the goods!

So let me save you some time.

I made this up last night because I had a large bag of those mini bell peppers that were about to go bad. I have no idea what to do with those other than dip them in hummus. So I decided to try something new.

I had the peppers, pita chips, and tons of garlic leftover from a girl’s dinner and a few Blue Apron meals (they always send you a whole damn clove of garlic and then say to use 2 pieces). So in an effort to utilize some leftovers and make something “lazy fancy”…enjoy:

⇓Broke Actress Roasted Pepper Tapenade

-bag of mini peppers
-olive oil
-sea salt (I mean, whatever salt is fine but regular table salt taste like ass in my opinion)

  1. If you have a legit clove of garlic like I did, let me save your nails from smelling for 3 months: slice off the top, wrap it in foil, and put it in the oven with the peppers. You’ll be able to squeeze the cloves of garlic out and smash them instead of chopping them. You’re welcome.
  2. Turn the oven on broil. Oil up a pan, and if you’re lazy like me cover it in aluminum foil first because then you don’t have to clean the pan.
  3. Slice the peppers in ½, pull out the seeds and white strips, and lay them flat on the pan.
  4. Pop them in the heated over for 7-8  min.
    –Maybe have some wine-
    *Take them out, flip them over, and put them back for another 7-8 min.
  5. Chop the peppers up and stir it in with the smashed garlic and add the salt. Add olive oil as you wish.

Side note: this would be a “true” tapenade if it was put into a food processor or a slow speed blender. But I like the simplicity of this.


Now put that shit on a pita chip like a boss and enjoy because you fancy now.

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