From the Rookie Archives: My First Time as a Model

Oh this is a good one folks! Let’s jet back again to 2012. The scent of Missouri was probably still in my car. And I had booked a job as a MODEL paying cold hard cash. $75 to be exact. Oh boy!

So here I am, feelin’ legit, booked a modeling photo shoot for a clothing company (nothing you’ve heard of, trust me those hire real models…I eat).

I work 5 hours before and it turns out its the first day in LA in the 5 months I live here that it decides to rain. Not just rain. Pour buckets. ‘Rain cats and dogs” as my country bumpkin family members would say.

But hey, I’m from the midwest. Rain is like a light wind, annoying to your hair but no major thing.

Except in LA…no one knows how to function in the wet climate unless they’re at the beach. Seriously. I hit sick traffic and passed 2 accidents on the 2.4 mile drive from work to the shoot.

I mean…I know dumb Cali blondes are easily confused…but shiny water doesn’t constitute ice sweetheart. {2017 Sam here: god damn, ice cold Sam! Shit!}

Regardless, I show up on time (LA-On-Time…like 10 minutes late) and of course there is no parking. Thats cool, I’m a badass, I even pack my own umbrella. So here I am, parking 4 blocks away, well I think, I honestly have no idea the real size of a “block”…does anyone know that?

And I pop up my college umbrella (thank you no-drain MSU) and carry my bag of jeans, shorts, and accessories to match the clothing company. They asked us to bring things because it was last minute and since I really wanted to impress, I basically brought 1/3 of my socially LA-acceptable wardrobe. It all fit in a large Urban Outfitters paper bag. Should have thought twice then I realized they stopped making these bags a while ago…

So in less time than it takes to prep a model for a shoot…
1. My umbrella turns backwards in a gust of wind. Sweet. Didn’t like it anyway…well didn’t need it anyway.

2. A car drives by in the parking lane and splashes me with water…Hollywood street water…yum.

3. The Urban bag starts to disintegrate and breaks the bottom out.

4. And I am stuck standing alone on the sidewalk, broken umbrella, green tea in hand (I wasn’t about to litter…) and clutching a massive pile of jeans, shorts, hats, jewelry and a few hair products.

I finally make it into the building looking mildly homeless, and am greeted in the prep room by groups of girls I could fit a bakers dozen of in my jeans.

And they all just stare at the soaked girl who walked in clutching a coffee cup and a load of crap.

And the first sentence uttered to me at my first LA model shoot:

“Oh I wish I knew one of the assistants was going for coffee!”

Happy Tuesday.

Oh that is so good. I remember every moment of this. Please enjoy the only photo from this shoot I think exists. HA!

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