Easy Peasy Vegan Please-y

Another in the Series: A Recipe You Only Need To Read Once.

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As much as I cannot handle labels myself {see the label free eating here} I know a lot of vegans. And I love a few vegans.

Just kidding. Mostly.

I love all my dietary restricted friends…even though I don’t love ordering food with them.

And I love cooking for them the most. It’s such a hunt to find and create interesting dishes for them, I enjoy the challenge. Plus vegan food is usually loaded with delicious fats (like cashews, almonds, oils, avocados, etc. Sign me up!

So here is one of my favorite crowd pleasers, beef guzzler or Peta supporter. I made it for a potluck this weekend and it was gone within an hour. Bonus points: it’s healthy, super cheap, and fast to make!

⇒Buffalo Cauliflower⇐
(Listen, I get it. This isn’t original, it’s a Basic Bitch staple. But it’s delicious and you’ve read this far so I am already validated.)

-3 heads of cauliflower (less for a few people, this is enough for 6-8)
-a big thing of your favorite buffalo dressing (I like Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo)
-the “batter“: -1 part almond flour (I like 1 cup for this amount)
-1 part water (same as above)
-dash garlic powder, salt, pepper, and whatever other seasons you like

  1. Chop the cauliflower off the stem and into bite sized chunks. This is annoying and messy, so a big cutting board is helpful. Cauliflower is the glitter of the vegetable world; you will not comprehend how it gets where it gets.
  2. Mix your hot sauce slowly into your batter with a fork or whisk. As much as you want, to taste.
  3. Pour it all over the cauliflower and toss it a bit. When it’s evenly coated (pretty much) spread it on a pan.
  4. Pop that shit in the over for 30min at 450 degrees, I like to stir it at some point. But I also just like stirring things.




​​*Bonus tip: friends not vegan? Or only a few? Sprinkle a 1/4-1/2 packet of dry Ranch seasoning on one of the pans before you cook it. It’s a game changer!*

Report back and let me know if you like this! And tag me on your Instagrams and let’s all be basic together!

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