Beyonce drinks apple cider vinegar.

Did that title grab your attention?
Thought so.

But just fyi I really think I did it first….

The first time I tasted apple cider vinegar, it was after I read my grandma’s Readers Digest pamphlet about all the miracles of the sour stuff. There was a big article about how it was good for weight-loss. I was maybe 13 and had just decided that “weight loss” was important. I don’t know what the catalyst was. Maybe just being a teenage girl. No clue.

So I started sipping it and trying not to vomit. The struggle was r-e-a-l.

I hated it. I think I gave up the habit after a few weeks.

I started adding it back in a lot more in college when I was diagnosed (that word sounds overly dramatic for this situation) with vocal nodes. Which are calluses on my vocal chords, most likely from 8 summers of yelling weeks in a row as a camp counselor…a story for another time. I drank a few tablespoons with hot water when I was performing in a show, and especially during the one time in my life when I was cast in a musical*.
*This was an anomaly and will literally never happen again. Trust. 

Cut to now, and I basically drink the stuff everyday. NOT STRAIGHT. Dear God, it will burn the whole way down…yes some people love it straight and take it like a shot. I prefer tequila.

I don’t know the true connection to “weight loss” but the raw Bragg kind I like is it’s own probiotic with that clump they call “the mother” (fucking gross, I know) and it makes it so much better for you.

Celebs left and right talk about how much they enjoy the stuff…I think enjoy is a strong word. But nonetheless, with Megan Fox, Queen B, and Miranda Kerr on the list of users I’d vote a number of ladies tip the bottle more these days.

My preferred ACV drinks:

-Hot H20
-honey (local and organic is the way to go, save the bee’s ya’ll)
-2 tbsp (ish) ACV

I like to sip this at night, it’s sweetness is like a treat and almost totally covers the sour aspect of the apple cider vinegar. Also Tim Ferris say’s it helps you sleep. And he is a titan so…sure.

-a pitcher of H20
-ginger (grated fresh is best)
-cayenne (a dash or two)
-cinnamon (optional, best if you skip the lemon)
-3-4 tbsp (ish) ACV

Combine these all in a big pitcher with ice cold water and keep it in the fridge, sip through out the day. It’s a lovely switch from plain water, especially if you’re in a clean eating streak and so so sick of water.

If you have a good recipe for apple cider vinegar (salad dressing, marinade, etc) please comment below! I love a good mix.

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