Little Skinny Pills

‘m gonna talk about body issues a lot on this site. So buckle up.

Apparently there is this secret thing among all these tiny ladies (and men? do men do this too? I honestly don’t know) that no one is talking about.

You know that saying about there being no pill you can take to be skinny or whatever? It’s kind of false in a way.

So let me be the ambassador.

Adderall. Fucking everyone* is on Adderall.
*not everyone is on Adderall. but like…a lot of people are, and you better believe they don’t have attention disorders*

Have you never taken it? Let me introduce you to what I like to call Legal Cocaine. Boy I am really going to get in trouble with this one huh? Oh well.

Guys, Adderall, when taken by someone who does not have ADHD is speed. And it makes you super energized and diminishes appetite. Miracle drug? YEA! Good for your body over time? FUCKING NO.

I’ll get to that in a second.

So the lovely idea of short term fast results is extremely alluring. Trust me I know. Honestly, I have taken it. And I felt crazy-organized and went to 4 auditions and didn’t eat till roughly 5pm. I was like, “woah this is the day my life changes!” I even texted a guy I was obsessed with and asked him on a date. AND he said yes. I mean I was truly flying you guys.

Before you say what I used to say, “oh this sounds fun and useful, maybe just for a little bit!” please do some research.

This shit dries you out a lot. Notice the dry mouth you get sometimes? So imagine that across the board. Your skin, hair, insides. All drying worse than non-watered grass in a Laurel Canyon dog park.

And it’s addictive. So while the short term effects are useful in a busy day, you can get addicted to Adderall wayyy faster than you realize. I am not a health professional obviously. But hot damn anything that does this to you in a chemical way is not ok.

I always say I am in my career for the long run. And this is true on several levels. One of which is my body. As a solid medium woman, I am pressured so much to change (and fast). And the idea here is pretty tempting. But to me, the side effects (and holy shit we didn’t even touch on the money, this is not a cheap habit) are not worth the outcome.

I want to be a badass now and when I’m 45 years old.

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