Contractually Speaking

So just sign the bottom here and we’re all set.

Ok fucking hold on a second. There are entire tv shows based on contract law. Like that is how important they are…they are on TV!!!

I can’t count the number of times I’ve had these literally slapped down next to me in between shots and the PA in change of these precious pieces of paper just lingers with a pen.

Like, RELAX bro.

Here is my advice for contracts, use it at will. I am not a lawyer…although I could play one on TV.

First, after booking a job, you will probably get some via email. Great!

-One is to bring to set because even if you scan and send back that sucker they will 100% ask you for another on set because they lose them and can’t find them and someone’s dog ate them. So just be prepped AF and reap the rewards of having production like you. It’s key.
-The other copy is for your records. Buy a file folder or box and keep them in it organized and labeled. This will come in handy once every 4-5 years, but when it does you will want to send me flowers and a god damn edible arrangement.

-What? Yes. Read the words in front of you. This is your rights listed on paper. And often it talks about our favorite thing: MONEY. Know what/when/where/why/how you get your dollars. And also if they get to use you for any ads for free or crazy stuff they try to cram in there. Have questions? Ask them. No one is too busy to help you. This is your livelihood and career permission slip in paper form.

-See above reasoning. Cut to two years later and you see yourself on tv…hmmm what was the buyout on that commercial? Oh I’ll check my contract! *Sends Sam an edible arrangement.
What if someone hands you something on set?
Tell them, “thank you so much, I will get it back to you asap!” And then call your agent and confirm that this is correct. You have a smart phone and a smart brain, so snag a pic, shoot it in an email, and tell them you want to confirm details before signing.

If anyone pressures you to sign something or that they need it “right now”, here’s a trick: tell them you agent prohibits you from signing documents they haven’t reviewed on the phone with you or in person.

No one can get around that, trust me. Even if they say that your agent already signed off on it all.
“Great! It will be a short phone call!”

They have you on set already so the insurance on you in filed.

You agent will thank you one day.

If it feels like you’re being a diva, please don’t let it bother you. You wouldn’t sign a medical consent form without reading it would you?
Ok maybe not for you…but for your dog?
Thought so.

*A note on NDAs: I peruse these also, but am much quicker to sign as they are so commonplace. They are also at auditions all the time. Yes they ask for your address, yes that is typical and not creepy. (An NDA is a nondisclosure agreement, btw. Basically a privacy hold on you snap chatting their product or sides.)

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