My Breakfast Bowl

I do not like to measure (so many dishes created!) and I do not like to buy things that I can only use once. A spring of parsley? Nope.

So I want to occasionally drop you a half-baked recipe of sorts where you can kind of do whatever you want with however much you want.

And I want to make them cheap, easy, and healthy because you’re probably in entertainment in some level if you are reading this.

​​If you can do one thing right all day long, ONE THING, let it be breakfast. Yes, like eat it first of all. And second of all put some vegetables in it.

I do not wake up in the morning thinking: Oh yay, can’t wait to rise and shine and drink my coffee and spinach! I hate those people.

I do however drag my sorry ass out of bed and after working out and coffee I almost always have the same breakfast. And it is (drum roll please):

-frozen spinach*
-frozen berries
-almond milk
-protein power**

*- I think fresh spinach bought and frozen is better pulverized in the blender than the frozen chunky kind, totally up to you and your dollars.
**- I like BioHealth Protein because it is delicious and grass-fed but whatever you like honestly works.

That is it.

Now, I don’t like drinking this because it seems to go to fast. I like a bowl/spoon moment. So I pour this in a bowl, add whatever the hell I can find in my cabinet that I think is good for me as a “crunch”, so I think it’s more satisfying and more like cereal.

You won’t believe me but it is so filling.

Etc Ideas:
-chai seeds
-flax seeds (usually by oatmeal in grocery stores)
-bee pollen (I know I may have lost you on this one but it’s really good for you and tastes like honey…don’t eat this is you’re allergic to bees tho because, duh)
-any fruit
-hemp seeds
-nut butter
-oats (as in oatmeal…now it really feels like cereal)
Literally almost anything.
Now when you’re 3 cocktails and a basket of fries deep circa 7pm you at least have had green and healthy shit prior.
And now you have a $13 smoothie bowl in the comfort of your own home for almost nothing. And a very insta-worthy breakfast.

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