If you love yourself you will wear sunscreen.

Ok it’s 2017. No more excuses.

If your goal is too look like a dried apricot by age 45, then by all means ignore this post and go back outside with your baby oil on.

Seriously, you legit have to wear sun protection every day in this business if you want to look decent in your later years.

Am I totally innocent in the game of rays? Negative. Please see my “History of Day Jobs Part 1” to read about my stint as a tanning rep. HUGH mistake.

Hindsight is 20/20.

I used to tan on the reg, both in machines and outside in the sun with oil on. I always thought I looked better with “color” as we called it. Now I have more freckles on my body than most red head children and am already considering botox in my future…don’t worry I’ll write about it when I do it.

Now at the ripe old age of 28 I can’t leave the house without UV protection. When I walk dogs for long hours I prefer big sunglasses, a hat (I am also a huge hat person for outdoor activities, like hiking and beach-going) and long sleeves. It’s very easy to forget about those key areas: your eyes (the eye itself and the skin around it), where your hair line meets your face (I already have some discoloration from years without coverage), and the chest/arms.
I only use SPF moisturizer in the AM on my face, and then i rub it all over the backs of my hands after. That is a really good way to tell how old someone is by the way…always extra care for that Some of my personal favs are: Simple, Olay Daily Moisturizer, and Aveeno. I pay special attention to the top of my forehead, it gets SO much sun.

As for body SPF, I am only now getting better at my coverage. I love quality lotions and oils, so staying out of the sun is a newer goal of mine since I am not great at choosing body lotions with SPF.  Nivea makes a great lotion with protection, but I would love suggestions below if you have any!

In all honestly, I personally think I look better when I am a little paler. I photograph better. But! I do love a little body glow/tint. And I have The Best organic self tanner.

I accidentally bough ran into this on Amazon and have been obsessed since. No, this is not an ad and they are not paying me to say this (but I would accept them as a sponsor in a heartbeat, I live for this stuff). Beauty by Earth Self Tanner is very light and not orange AT ALL. It goes on pretty ​​opaque so you can see where it is and isn’t. It also is a light enough tint that if you miss a spot or don’t use it on your face, etc, it’s super unnoticeable. No gloves needed, just wash your hands and you’re golden….literally haha.

So slather up with the good stuff and extend your career as a college kid another 5-6 years.

You’re so welcome.

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